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Walmart Photo Studio – An Experience

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

So, we decided to get some family pictures done to appease the extended family and heck I guess we should have a picture of the family on our wall somewhere. I made the appointment at the Barrhaven Walmart (3851 Strandherd Dr.) and got an appointment within a week, I was slightly picky due to my work and kid’s schedule. Anyways, it was booked for a Sunday and the night before I get a call as apparently the camera broke and they had to reschedule our appointment. So, I rebooked for a week later since weekday appointment are not good in our family.

Which brings me to today… which was Walmart picture day. Our day is of course stressful trying to get everyone ready… matching outfits, happy babe, happy parents, pretty hair and makeup….. BLA! We left in ok spirits and were optimistic about the pictures. We get there and the lady looks at me and says “OH, we are just running a little late…”, I wondered how late was “a little” since children don’t have unlimited good behavior time and I was starting to worry about how our little one would make out. So, we waited. Turns out that “a little late” was about 3 families/people behind. We finally get our turn behind the camera and holy heck was it a BIG RUSH!! The family shot went off fairly well and we got that one pretty quick.. maybe too quick. But regardless onto the babe, after placing the babe on the cute little white fur covered table the painful task of getting a picture began. The first was was great… full body, smile…cute! So we saved that one. Then the photographer wanted to try a close up… but of course the babe kept moving and wasn’t in the middle of screen (go figure its a baby). Anyways, we tried to get one more good one but oh was the rush on. The photographer actually said I can only do one more cause we are so busy today. Grone.

I just wanted to point out that maybe they should have called some of the people to let them know that they were running late and maybe to show up later hence eliminating the fact that there were zillions of people waiting in a small space with progressive getting crankier kids.

I also wanted to point out that just because the camera breaks and you don’t get it fixed for several days doesn’t mean that customer service should suffer. This rushed atmosphere isn’t the way to sell the service and have people come back. Yes, Christmas time is busy but this is when the game should be on.

So, I don’t think that we will be going back to Walmart for photos anytime soon. Yup, its cheap but I would rather pay a bit more and at least not feel rushed and overwhelmed when its supposed to be fun and exciting. From Walmart, I would expect better BUT maybe not cause it is Walmart afterall. For a family that is trying our hardest to be green, this is certainly not a good place to shop (but its a cheap one!).

huh.. maybe i’ll just write a complaint. That might get me further.

What its like to participate in the Breastfeeding Challenge…

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

As I mentioned in a previous post I participated in the 2007 Breastfeeding Challenge today at St. Laurent Center in Ottawa. I met up with my friend Jenn and we were ready for anything…. well for the most part.

Since we both had pre-registered online we got to go into a “special” line to get our numbers. I was lucky and got number 40 with no issues. My friend however had to stand in 2 lines before being told they couldn’t find her pre-registration and just to start anew. It was very frustrating as it could have been better organized.

Anyways, we find our seats and get set for the challenge. The question of course in our heads was… what the heck is going to happen? So out comes Sandra Plagakis from 105.3 Kiss FM to let us know that she has nursed 2 babes and introduce the real MC’s. She introduced Angie Poirier from A-Channel Ottawa and a french doctor (my apologizes to her for not catching her name). They go on about sponsors, the benefits of Breastfeeding and encourage people walking by to participate. You could just see all the young men who were out for a nice day at the mall realizing that they had potentially scored an opportunity to catch a glimpse of a boob. So she gives the warning.. 2 minutes until we start, then keeps talking. My babe was getting tired and antsy so I started nursing early… then all of a sudden the count down… 5,4,3,2,1… LATCH! The strangest thing of all was you were asked that once your babe had latched on to put your hand up to be counted.

Anyways.. Congrats to Ottawa who had 198 woman and babes breastfeeding all at once! 🙂

Breastfeeding Challenge – Sept 29, 2007

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

That’s right its that time of the year again…. time to grab your nursling and head out to a local mall (or venue) and nurse in public with other mothers! The Challenge is put out by the Quintessence Foundation located in BC and people across Canada and the US compete to see who can gather the most breastfeeding woman in one place. The winner is determined by the percentage of participants vs. birthrate of the area.

Here is the link to the site in Ottawa which is at St. Laurent Shopping Mall this year. Check out the Quintessence site for a location near you!!

Is it possible to get “just” a hotdog at Costco?

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

The quick answer is NO!  I stopped at Costco yesterday very quickly to get one of their yummy Iced Mocha’s (humm, drool) and a hotdog.  So on the menu it says hotdog and pop for $1.99 (plus free refills) and iced mocha for $2.29.  I figured like most places if you order a beverage that is more money then the one being offered in the “deal’ they usually upgrade your drink for the price difference, right?  Well, not Costco….  in order to get a hotdog and mocha like I had been dreaming about all day I had to also get a pop.  Well, I guess I didn’t have to fill up the pop but dammit I paid for the darn thing so I was going to get it.  Anyways, I walked out of  Costco pushing my baby in a stroller holding two drinks and a hotdog…   I looked pretty ridiculous.  I wonder when they are going to catch up with the times…sheesh!

Yard Sale for Dr. Jack Newman’s Breastfeeding Clinic

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Dr. Jack Newman is the “Canadian Breastfeeding Guru” and he is no longer receiving government funding to run his clinic that helps many new mother succeed at breastfeeding their babies. This is really a sign of how sad things are for woman seeking help while learning how to nurse there babies. I for one have contacted Dr. Newman via e-mail a couple of times and he has been nothing but a great help and should be credited with helping me nurse my baby for so long. Anyways, Mom2Mom-Toronto is rallying around the clinic and raising money that will go directly to help Dr. Newman’s Clinic. Here is the press release:

Charity Fundraising Indoor Yard Sale for Dr Jack Newman’s Breastfeeding Clinic on Canadian Breastfeeding Challenge Day by MOM2MOM TORONTOCheck out the flyer for the event at this site. Not your ordinary indoor yard sale

Toronto, ON —Dr. Jack Newman established Canada’s first hospital-based breastfeeding clinic in 1984 at The Hospital for Sick Children. Soon thereafter, he opened clinics in several Toronto hospitals as the need for his expertise grew. Unfortunately, all of his hospital clinics have closed down, including the last of them at North York General Hospital last December 2005, when government funding for the programme came to an end. Thankfully, Dr. Jack Newman has found a new home for his new and sole clinic in Toronto where new and breastfeeding moms can go for help.

Today, Dr Newman, together with Ms Edith Kernerman, continues to empower mothers to achieve their own breastfeeding goals through the NEWMAN BREASTFEEDING CLINIC & INSTITUTE (NBCI) which is located in the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Building. Since they no longer receive any government funding, they rely on the support of moms, families, and organizations such as ours.
As a breastfeeding advocate, MOM2MOM TORONTO is holding a Charity Fundraising Indoor Yard Sale for Dr. Jack Newman’s Breastfeeding Clinic in Toronto. 100% of the proceeds of the Charity Yard Sale will be going directly to the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic & Institute.

When : Saturday, September 29th 2007 10:00am-2:00pm, during Breastfeeding Challenge Day

Where : The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Building
1255 Sheppard Avenue East (@ Leslie, near IKEA), Toronto M2K 1E2

How : We need your help and support! Here’s what we’re looking for…
Item Donations (all items collected will be sold at the sale, with the funds being collected by and going directly to the NBCI). All pre-loved baby/kids/maternity clothing, toys, books, baby equipment donations should be clean, and in good condition. To arrange drop-off of your donated items, kindly email us.

Monetary Donations
Please consider a donation to the Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation, a registered charity, and earmark the donation for the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic & Institute.

If you don’t need a charitable tax receipt, you can also forward a cheque directly to Dr Newman’s Clinic at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Please be sure to put “DONATION – M2M” on your cheque so they know what it is for. Donations will also be accepted at the Sale by Dr Newman’s staff.

Your presence come and shop for great deals that support a great cause! admission is FREE!Join other breastfeeding moms at the Breastfeeding Challenge 2007 and let’s make breastfeeding history together! Buy a raffle ticket or 2 (all monies to go to the Newman Clinic) and enter to win a prize from our supporters during the hourly raffle draws.

If you need more info you can contact: Dani Arnold via e-mail at or

Unfortunately I don’t live close enough to physically help out but I wish Mom2Mom-Toronto the best of luck as Dr. Newman is a man we need to keep around.

Canadian Cancer Society – Driven to Quit Challenge

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Canadian Cancer Society – The Driven to Quit Challenge

Does anyone else find this “challenge” ridiculous? I mean really… offering people the incentive to win a car to quit smoking. I say, what about those who don’t smoke? What can they win? Should I start smoking so I can quit and qualify to win a car? Seriously, I know people who smoke need all the help they can get but what about giving them free nicotine gum or something. At least that is something a non-smoker like myself wouldn’t care about not qualifying to win.

Oh, and if the person who won starts smoking again do they take the car away? Doesn’t actually seem like they would since the rules actually state:

8. All participants must quit smoking by March 1, 2007 and remain smoke-free until March 30, 2007.
9. Smoke-free means no use of tobacco products of any kind. Participants are permitted to use nicotine replacement therapies (e.g. medications, gum or inhaler) and/or a doctor’s prescription to help you quit.
13. To verify smoke-free status, the potential winner will be asked to take a urine test.

OK, so smoke-free actually means not smoking for a month and then you can have a car. How about having your “buddy” take the urine test for you. Seriously, I would like to see I better contest that doesn’t exclude a good portion of the population…. the part of the population that was smart enough to not smoke in the first place. Here is my challenge to you Canadian Cancer Society… I want a car for eating Cancer fighting veggies everyday!

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