Canadian Cancer Society – Driven to Quit Challenge

Canadian Cancer Society – The Driven to Quit Challenge

Does anyone else find this “challenge” ridiculous? I mean really… offering people the incentive to win a car to quit smoking. I say, what about those who don’t smoke? What can they win? Should I start smoking so I can quit and qualify to win a car? Seriously, I know people who smoke need all the help they can get but what about giving them free nicotine gum or something. At least that is something a non-smoker like myself wouldn’t care about not qualifying to win.

Oh, and if the person who won starts smoking again do they take the car away? Doesn’t actually seem like they would since the rules actually state:

8. All participants must quit smoking by March 1, 2007 and remain smoke-free until March 30, 2007.
9. Smoke-free means no use of tobacco products of any kind. Participants are permitted to use nicotine replacement therapies (e.g. medications, gum or inhaler) and/or a doctor’s prescription to help you quit.
13. To verify smoke-free status, the potential winner will be asked to take a urine test.

OK, so smoke-free actually means not smoking for a month and then you can have a car. How about having your “buddy” take the urine test for you. Seriously, I would like to see I better contest that doesn’t exclude a good portion of the population…. the part of the population that was smart enough to not smoke in the first place. Here is my challenge to you Canadian Cancer Society… I want a car for eating Cancer fighting veggies everyday!

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  1. What do I need to do to enter in this “Quit to Smoke Contest for the month of March-2008
    Thank You

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