Is it possible to get “just” a hotdog at Costco?

The quick answer is NO!  I stopped at Costco yesterday very quickly to get one of their yummy Iced Mocha’s (humm, drool) and a hotdog.  So on the menu it says hotdog and pop for $1.99 (plus free refills) and iced mocha for $2.29.  I figured like most places if you order a beverage that is more money then the one being offered in the “deal’ they usually upgrade your drink for the price difference, right?  Well, not Costco….  in order to get a hotdog and mocha like I had been dreaming about all day I had to also get a pop.  Well, I guess I didn’t have to fill up the pop but dammit I paid for the darn thing so I was going to get it.  Anyways, I walked out of  Costco pushing my baby in a stroller holding two drinks and a hotdog…   I looked pretty ridiculous.  I wonder when they are going to catch up with the times…sheesh!

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