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  • Doula’s make a difference….

    Are you looking for a doula in the Kemptville, Winchester, Ottawa  South or the St. Lawrence Valley?  Well, give Gina Merlin a call.  She’s a CAPPA certified and DONA trained Doula who specializes in Labour and Postpartum care along with Labour preparation.  She also rents out birth pool if you are hoping for a water […]

  • Louise and Company has Cloth Diapers…

    Louise and Company located at Creekside Center in Kemptville is now carrying cloth diapers.  She just got a shipment of Bum Genius Diapers and Mother Ease Diapers along with ALL the accessories.  This is great news for local Mom’s who now have a local vendor of such great products.  They also carry Melissa and Doug […]

  • Cloth Diaper Market – Impressive

    I recently started purchasing my natural family products from the Cloth Diaper Market located in Barrhaven, ON (South/West’ish end of Ottawa). This is a super convenient location for us since we always go by Barrhaven to get home from Ottawa. Being able to pick stuff up locally means NO shipping charges for us!! I was […]

  • Ottawa Baby Boom Show!

    So I decided to go see what the Ottawa Baby Boom Show was all about the weekend of September 8-9, 2007. There was some pretty big hype about it on Hott 899 (the radio station I listen to most of the time). I enlisted my friend Jenn as her 2 year old LOVES the Backyardigans […]

  • Similac Advanced New “Free” Giftbag

    Those who know me know I am an avid breastfeeder (check out some of my other posts).. heck my babe has NEVER had even one drop of formula. I’ve certainly gone thru some breastfeeding ups and downs but never gave into the stuff. Anyways, formula marketing is ridiculous these days and here is an example […]

  • What its like to participate in the Breastfeeding Challenge…

    As I mentioned in a previous post I participated in the 2007 Breastfeeding Challenge today at St. Laurent Center in Ottawa. I met up with my friend Jenn and we were ready for anything…. well for the most part. Since we both had pre-registered online we got to go into a “special” line to get […]

  • Breastfeeding Challenge – Sept 29, 2007

    That’s right its that time of the year again…. time to grab your nursling and head out to a local mall (or venue) and nurse in public with other mothers! The Challenge is put out by the Quintessence Foundation located in BC and people across Canada and the US compete to see who can gather […]

  • Baby Bits make using cloth wipes easy!

    I purchased some Baby Bits from Punkinhead Kids an online retailer of natural parenting products. They were recommended to me by a friend who is also uses cloth diapers and wipes. Here is the description of what exactly they are: So basically its soap that you can either pour over some cloth wipes to have […]

  • Yard Sale for Dr. Jack Newman’s Breastfeeding Clinic

    Dr. Jack Newman is the “Canadian Breastfeeding Guru” and he is no longer receiving government funding to run his clinic that helps many new mother succeed at breastfeeding their babies. This is really a sign of how sad things are for woman seeking help while learning how to nurse there babies. I for one have […]

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