Baby Bits make using cloth wipes easy!

I purchased some Baby Bits from Punkinhead Kids an online retailer of natural parenting products. They were recommended to me by a friend who is also uses cloth diapers and wipes.

Here is the description of what exactly they are:

Baby Bits Description

So basically its soap that you can either pour over some cloth wipes to have them wet for later use or you can mix up the soap solution in a spray bottle for single uses. Its a neat idea. I personally find that the recommended 1 bit for 1 cup of water is a bit much so I usually cut them in half or quarters and dissolve in water. I use distilled water and heat it up in the microwave as this helps the soap dissolve very quickly. My baby has had some bouts of a yeast rash and for these times I actually add a couple drops of tea tree oil into the water to increase the antibacterial/anti-fungal properties of the solution… works great!

The price tag of $12 CAN for about 50-60 bits is pretty good considering how many cups of solution you can get especially if you cut them in half since you are only using half of the recommended amount. Best of all, its a natural product and nothing ends up in the garbage. They smell good too… if you like lavender and tree tea oils that is!

The Bits are actually made by hand in Gainesville, Florida by a company called Soaps by Denise and by the looks of a note on the site they are so popular they can no longer accept wholesale clients, good thing Punkinhead kids is already a client of theirs.

Here is a pic of the 3oz package:

Baby Bits Packaging


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