More Pocket Change Diaper -Disappointment

I originally ordered 6 Pocket Change Diapers from Montana’s Diaper Store after a friend ordered some and said they looked like a super deal. They are new to the market and came with 2 inserts for about $18 US which is pretty good considering we bought some Fuzzi Bunz in Canada for about $24 CAN (with hemp inserts). We had some issues with them that were posted on Jeff’s blog – check out Pocket Change Diaper Disappointment but the story continues….

After receiving the new exchanged diapers I was pleased to have the diapers back and looked forward to putting the quality issues we had with the first batch behind us. BUT, this was not the case. Within another month or so I noticed that the diapers were loosing their elastics in either the front or back, this included the new and older diapers. I contacted Kim at Montana’s Diaper Store a month or so after and she said that she would exchange the diapers as they “are always concerned anytime there is a defect in our product”. I was pleased (again) that she would make good on a bad product. I spent $8.60 CAN to send 4 diapers back to her. One had no front or back elastic left, one had no front elastic and 2 had some elastic left but were on their last days. And so we waited to get the new diapers back….

I received the diapers back about a month later and was shocked to find out that she had decided to only replace 2 of the diapers as the other two looked fine for having been used for 6 months. Funny thing about all this is that the 2 that she didn’t replace were from the first set that I sent back so they had technically only been in use for 3 months. Here is a pic of what she considered acceptable wear for 6 months of use.


New vs Used Pocket Change Diaper

The Diaper on the left is new (never washed or worn) and the diaper on the right had been used for 3 months. The stretched elastic on the white diaper is considered acceptable wear by the retailer.

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