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Cloth Diaper Market – Impressive

Monday, December 24th, 2007

I recently started purchasing my natural family products from the Cloth Diaper Market located in Barrhaven, ON (South/West’ish end of Ottawa). This is a super convenient location for us since we always go by Barrhaven to get home from Ottawa. Being able to pick stuff up locally means NO shipping charges for us!!

I was impressed that Andrea (the owner) actually carries Allen’s Detergent which is the recommended laundry detergent for Fuzzi Bunz and other diapers. I went on a bit of a tour of her business and was impressed at the variety of different cloth diapers which includes the Canadian made Annie Marie Padorie (AMP) diapers which are very similar to the Fuzzi Bunz but maybe better (I am going to have to try these with our next babe). Baby Bits are also a bit cheaper here, too!

I found out about the Cloth Diaper Market while participating in the Breastfeeding Challenge in Ottawa, she very conveniently put a business card in the gift bags with a code for 10% off. Of course I like when I get a coupon. I have only ever received a coupon once before from a site I have ordered from. Very smart, Andrea!

So be sure to check it out by clicking on the links above!!

Ottawa Baby Boom Show!

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

So I decided to go see what the Ottawa Baby Boom Show was all about the weekend of September 8-9, 2007. There was some pretty big hype about it on Hott 899 (the radio station I listen to most of the time). I enlisted my friend Jenn as her 2 year old LOVES the Backyardigans and they were making an appearance at the show all weekend… meet and greet only nothing cooler. Anyways, we were walking around the show and came across the Similac/Abbott Labs booth since we had noticed some pretty neat looking bags were being given out from that booth. As avid extended breastfeeders we cautiously approached the booth to see if we could figure out how to get one. I asked the gentlemen, so whats the deal with the bag you are giving out? He says, well you have to fill out this form for a chance to win the carseat over their. Easy enough I thought… so off to filling out the form. You know for a chance to win a carseat they wanted to know a LOT.. like my kids age, if a breastfeed, how long I planned to breastfeed…ect. Of course I answered the “how long are you planning on breastfeeding question” with as long as possible crossing out the “months” option on the ballot. So, in the bag he was putting “FREE” cans of formula which of course I have no use for. I asked for some Pediasure instead since its something I would considered giving my babe later on. He said… sure and made me up a bag with some in it. Strangely enough I was somewhat pleased with the whole deal…. until I opened the bag at home and realized that he had also chucked in a can of formula. UGH! So now I get to add the can of formula to the other formula samples I got before I had my babe and hopefully find time to bring them to the foodbank. Strangely enough if I was a formula feeder I would totally pick Similac/Abbott Labs since there business is meal replacements ect unlike Nestle who makes chocolate syrup and violates every breastmilk alternative marketing practice.

I got some good info on Doula’s although the lady was kinda pushy so I certainly wouldn’t be choosing her for the birth of any of my children.

Overall, its a decent show to go to but New Momma’s beware the formula company and all there money are trying to suck you in. Breast is BEST(and cheapest)!!!

Walmart Photo Studio – An Experience

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

So, we decided to get some family pictures done to appease the extended family and heck I guess we should have a picture of the family on our wall somewhere. I made the appointment at the Barrhaven Walmart (3851 Strandherd Dr.) and got an appointment within a week, I was slightly picky due to my work and kid’s schedule. Anyways, it was booked for a Sunday and the night before I get a call as apparently the camera broke and they had to reschedule our appointment. So, I rebooked for a week later since weekday appointment are not good in our family.

Which brings me to today… which was Walmart picture day. Our day is of course stressful trying to get everyone ready… matching outfits, happy babe, happy parents, pretty hair and makeup….. BLA! We left in ok spirits and were optimistic about the pictures. We get there and the lady looks at me and says “OH, we are just running a little late…”, I wondered how late was “a little” since children don’t have unlimited good behavior time and I was starting to worry about how our little one would make out. So, we waited. Turns out that “a little late” was about 3 families/people behind. We finally get our turn behind the camera and holy heck was it a BIG RUSH!! The family shot went off fairly well and we got that one pretty quick.. maybe too quick. But regardless onto the babe, after placing the babe on the cute little white fur covered table the painful task of getting a picture began. The first was was great… full body, smile…cute! So we saved that one. Then the photographer wanted to try a close up… but of course the babe kept moving and wasn’t in the middle of screen (go figure its a baby). Anyways, we tried to get one more good one but oh was the rush on. The photographer actually said I can only do one more cause we are so busy today. Grone.

I just wanted to point out that maybe they should have called some of the people to let them know that they were running late and maybe to show up later hence eliminating the fact that there were zillions of people waiting in a small space with progressive getting crankier kids.

I also wanted to point out that just because the camera breaks and you don’t get it fixed for several days doesn’t mean that customer service should suffer. This rushed atmosphere isn’t the way to sell the service and have people come back. Yes, Christmas time is busy but this is when the game should be on.

So, I don’t think that we will be going back to Walmart for photos anytime soon. Yup, its cheap but I would rather pay a bit more and at least not feel rushed and overwhelmed when its supposed to be fun and exciting. From Walmart, I would expect better BUT maybe not cause it is Walmart afterall. For a family that is trying our hardest to be green, this is certainly not a good place to shop (but its a cheap one!).

huh.. maybe i’ll just write a complaint. That might get me further.

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